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Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance is a professional cleaning company that works throughout south west England. We serve a variety of domestic and commercial clients throughout the region, so you can be rest assured of a fully professional job by all our staff.

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Render Cleaning

What did your house look like?

Restoration of Render through cleaning can alleviate the need for painting, Scaffolding and other costly measures. All our render cleaning services can be applied from the ground saving time, Money and risk of Damage.

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Doff and Torc

Preserving History the right way!

We use DOFF system to clean stonework and masonry using high temperature steam, very gentle pressure on the surface, which requires a low volume of the water.

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Eggbuckland Keep Doff Maintenance

Graffiti and Paint Removal

Cleaning the Streets one wall at a time!

We provide cleaning solutions on busy walkways to high rise buildings. With councils and private maintenance companies utilising our services.

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Commercial Roof Cleaning

Keeping Industrial & Commercial Roofs Clean!

At Guardian we provide industrial & commercial roof cleaning for both Plymouth and South West based customers. Roofs that are not well maintained and cleaned are vulnerable to the build-up of moss, lichen and algae, which causes your roof tiles to separate over time. Water will seep through and cause water ingress into your building and walls.

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Excellent job done by Guardian - extremely pleased with the final results.

Graham Lean

Fantastic service. My gutters have never been cleaner.

Rob Schnepp

Jack is a credit to the company. Amazing job!

Sam Taplin
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