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When it comes to making sure that your business looks clean, professional, and qualified, car park cleaning is likely not very high on your list of priorities, but it absolutely should be! Here at Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance we have seen our fair share of disastrous car parks, and it is amazing how much a clean and well-maintained car park matters when it comes to making a great first impression! As customers and visitors drive up to your commercial property, the car park is likely going to unconsciously be the first thing they notice about your business, and the high volume of vehicle and foot traffic means that (unless you’ve used a car park cleaning service) this is likely also the dirtiest element of your property. But we get it, even though you know that it would help your initial kerb appeal, car park cleaning might be hard pressed to make its way into your budget and to-do lists. Below we have explained some of the main reasons why investing in a quality car park cleaning is not only good for your aesthetic, but is also essential for overall customer satisfaction and safety.

Car Park Cleaning Plymouth and South West

  • Pest Control: We are sure you are aware of how expensive pest control and exterminators can be. Now what if we told you that the first step in reducing a pest problem might be cleaning your car park? It’s true—a thorough car park cleaning removes decomposing litter, detritus, and fungal growth that attracts insects and vermin not only into the car park itself, but eventually into your business!
  • Visitor safety: Having a clean car park is vital for your customer safety for a number of reasons. Firstly, the high volume of vehicles in a car park means that, inevitably, spilled motor oil will build up and create a hazard for pedestrians walking through the space. Secondly, the accumulation of toxins such as carbon monoxide, dust, and other chemicals poses a threat to visitor and environmental health, especially in covered and enclosed car parks. Car park cleaning is vital in order to remove these toxins and increase the overall safety of your car park.
  • Freshen up the space: The oil and petrol stains and smells are a constant fixture in car parks, and it’s easy to think they might be permanent. However, with Guardian’s car park cleaning service, that is certainly not the case! A good car park cleaning with the proper tools can remove the discoloration, grime, and even odour from any car park. This not only brightens up the space, but also helps your car park to remain welcoming with clean signs and bright lights no longer dulled with grime!
  • Increases the lifespan: Although it may seem that the oil, carbon monoxide, and general grime that comes from heavy use of a car park isn’t doing much more than making things dingy, that is certainly not the case! In fact, these chemicals build up over time and slowly degrade the surface of your car park, necessitating costly maintenance projects and resurfacing jobs down the line. Spending a little for a quick and unobtrusive car park cleaning is entirely worth it when you think of all the money it will save when it comes to future upkeep!

Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance offers either a one-time deep clean or periodic car park cleaning to ensure that your customers can feel confident about your commercial business or heritage property from the moment that they drive up. With state-of-the-art equipment and the most qualified experts in the business, you can feel entirely comfortable trusting the state of your car park to the staff at Guardian. Contact us today to get a quote and take the first steps towards turning your dull car park into a part of your holistic commercial business image!

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