It’s the little things that make up a commercial business and allow it to run and operate as smoothly and successfully as possible. One of those often-overlooked details is car park line marking, which helps to ensure the safety of your customers and other visitors. However, a lot more goes into efficient and long-lasting line marking than one might think, and it’s best to hire a service such as Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance to ensure that your car park line marking is compliant with local regulations and is done with professional equipment and high-quality materials that won’t wear away after the first year of use. Car park line marking is a relatively small thing that can make a huge difference for your commercial business, and it is imperative that you execute it correctly, so below we have included some things to consider when it comes to car park line marking.

  • Overall layout: Fitting as many car spaces as possible into a car park while still allowing for the most efficient manner of traffic flow and reserved spaces for loading, disabled, and motorbike parking is no easy feat. An inefficient layout can increase the hazards to both pedestrians and vehicles and make parking in your car park an absolute nightmare. The correct layout is essential to providing a pleasant and professional parking experience.
  • Signage: Signs are required in order to keep the flow of traffic moving efficiently as well as to help keep those using your car park safe. Appropriate signage can include painted arrows directing the flow of traffic, markings indicating reserved and/or disabled parking areas, and lines for pedestrian walkways. Hazard signs denoting sharp bends, blind corners, and intersections are also vital and must adhere to local and regional regulations. As the cleaning and maintenance experts, Guardian is well-versed in the requirements for signage in your region and can take the pressure off of you when it comes to making sure that your car park line markings and signage are adequate.
  • Paint: The paint that is used in car park line marking jobs by Guardian is highly specialized for the task to ensure high visibility and longevity. Each car park is made of slightly different materials, and the experts at Guardian can evaluate these materials in order to select the best type of paint for the job. It is important that the paint be able to stand up to the high levels of traffic, as well as oil and petrol stains, that are inevitable in any car park. This will save you money over time, as you won’t need to repaint every year. Additionally, the lines need to be highly visible to ensure that markings are still helpful even in enclosed car parks and at night. The paint used for these jobs usually has materials mixed in that makes the lines slightly reflective in the glow of headlights, which helps facilitate the flow of traffic and increases the overall safety of your car park.

With so many things to keep in mind when it comes to installing car park lines that are safe, long-lasting, and efficient, it’s easy to see why it’s a job that’s best left to the professionals. At Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance we can handle any job and will professionally evaluate each individual car park to install the best car park lines for your unique situation. Whether you’re wanting to have existing, fading lines re-painted, you need to totally reconfigure the spaces of your car park, or you just resurfaced your car park and you need to start from scratch, Guardian is equipped with the tools and expertise to take over the project and give you peace of mind to focus on running your business. Contact us today for a quote, and be one step closer to the cleanest, safest car park around!

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