Commercial Roof Cleaning – Why is it so Important?

When it comes to running your business, the state of your roof may not be the most important thing on your mind, let alone all of the logistics involved in commercial roof cleaning. After all, as long as it stays on during storms and high winds and protects from any leaks, everything should be okay, right? That might not actually be the case. While a dirty roof might seem to be as harmless as “out of sight, out of mind” for a busy business or commercial property, the truth is that the damage that is slowly being caused by a poorly maintained roof drastically shortens its lifespan and can create the need for expensive and preventable repairs down the line. Fortunately, Guarding Cleaning and Maintenance has many years of experience in commercial roof cleaning and can help you get your existing structure back into tip-top shape, saving you money, hassle, and time. Once you have a clean roof then focus on implementing some of these tips tips for maintaining your roof.

Moss, algae, and lichen buildup are some of the most common issues encountered during commercial roof cleaning, especially with tiled roofs. Many people believe that this accumulation is nothing more than an eyesore, and—while this is true—it is also causing damage that can become irreparable if allowed to continue for too long. Eventually the tiles of your roof will begin to separate and compromise the integrity of both the roof and the structure of the building. When buildup begins to occur and is allowed to continue for some time, it can become incredibly difficult, not to mention dangerous, for you to attempt to remove it and restore it on your own. Guardian has the experience and the tools that make commercial roof cleaning efficient and affordable, even for the most hopeless cases. The same equipment that makes us the pros when it comes to building and sidewalk maintenance can be applied to quality commercial roof cleaning, including high pressure and low pressure steam and water jets. We have recently cleaned and restored the roof at Eggbuckland Keep, removing over 300 tons of debris, so we rest assured, we can tackle any industrial or commercial roof cleaning project.

If allowed to continue growing, the moss and algae—which are living plants—will eventually dig down into the roof itself, permanently damaging it and decreasing the value of your commercial building. This spread also attracts bugs, which eat the algae and make their homes amongst the nooks and crannies of your building, further degrading its structure and appearance. While it might seem like just another task to add to your already busy plate, paying a service such as Guardian to handle the cleaning and maintenance of your commercial roof will allow you to be removed from the hassle as you invest in the wellbeing of one of the most important aspects of your business—the roof over your head!

Many people believe that a soiled roof is permanently stained as a result of buildup due to the overgrowth of moss, algae, and the results of bearing the brunt of the weather, and are pleasantly surprised to discover that Guardian is able to reinstate their kerb appeal and expertly remove the accumulation. This means that your roof can be restored to its former glory rather than be replaced, and damage resulting from a neglected roof can be prevented. Ultimately, the relatively small expense for maintenance of your commercial roof can save you an immense amount of money down the road and prevent costly damages such as roof leaks and water ingress, with the added bonus of leaving your building looking refreshed and new to passers-by. The structural dangers posed by a neglected roof, not to mention the savings offered by increasing the lifespan of the existing structure, make it a no-brainer—commercial roof cleaning is the first step in a good maintenance and upkeep regimen, so contact Guardian for a quote today!

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