Historic Building Restoration: Preserving the Past, for the Future!

One of the things that makes the sprawling countryside of England so beautiful and serene is the abundance of gorgeous heritage properties, National Trust buildings, English Heritage and large-scale monuments commemorating the rich history of the country. However, although these buildings and memorials were built to last forever, they do require some attention in order for them to last a century more. That’s where Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance comes in! As commercial, and heritage cleaning experts, we are uniquely qualified to provide quality render cleaning services that protect the valuable stone and brickwork of your buildings, while providing a thorough clean that will help extend the lifespan of your structure and restore and maintain it’s character and history.


What is DOFF and TORC cleaning?

You can feel confident trusting the conservation of your stonework to Guardian, as our experts are both DOFF and TORC registered and trained. But what are these systems and why are they necessary for your restoration? DOFF and TORC systems are one-of-a-kind stone cleaning systems designed and supplied by Stonehealth (we are an accredited Stonehealth Contractor) that are uniquely able to provide a powerful clean using materials that won’t degrade the underlying stonework. The DOFF system uses high temperature steam to provide gentle pressure to stone without saturating or compromising the delicate underlying structure. The TORC system utilises air pressure and a small amount of water combined with an inert and gentle granulate to carefully buff away tougher elements. While gentle on the existing stone, DOFF and TORC systems remove biological matter, spores, brittle paints, limescale, and grime without relying on harmful chemicals that can erode the original structure of historic buildings. Both of these systems require special training and equipment, and Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance is both DOFF and TORC registered and accredited through Stonehealth.

Who can benefit from Guardian’s restoration processes?

The thorough yet gentle restoration offered by the DOFF and TORC systems operated by Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance is not limited to historic building restoration. Our qualified experts have experience cleaning any space; be it domestic, historic, or commercial. Factories, roofing, parking blocks, bridges, heritage estates, monuments, statues, and private residences all fall under the scope of our expertise and accreditations. Cleaning your buildings in this manner can not only help to preserve them for future generations, but it can also reduce the risk of further damages due to degradation and alleviate the need for expensive painting and scaffolding. The versatile cleaning systems operated by Guardian are able to be utilized for the very large stonework and roofing needs of large heritage estates and factories, as well as smaller memorials, monuments, and statues. From restoration to conservation to cleaning, anyone with stonework in need of a facelift can benefit from Guardian’s cleaning systems and expertise!

Why pick Guardian for your historic building restoration?

When it comes to selecting a preservationist for your stonework, Guardian is the easy choice! Our DOFF and TORC registered and accredited experts possess a variety of specialist knowledge and skills for both commercial and historic building restoration. Our team is made up of experts who possess the knowledge of how to address even the most unique cleaning needs. Our own restoration of the historic Eggbuckland Keep and restoration of Drakes Island in Plymouth means that we absolutely understand the pressures and challenges faced by those attempting to restore either historic or commercial properties. Whether you are a facility manager facing the daunting prospect of protecting crumbling stonework, or an architect involved in a large or small restoration process, the Guardian team can provide expertise and peace of mind from the planning process to the execution.


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