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Graffiti removal can truly be the bane of a commercial business or heritage site owner’s existence, as can paint removal. In fact, graffiti related crimes are on the up, The thoughtless actions of miscreants and passers-by can mar your property and affect your business. However, while it may seem that, despite your best efforts, the tags are all but permanent, the situation is far from hopeless. The experts at Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance are the industry leaders in top-of-the-line cleaning and restoration methods, and this expertise extends to graffiti removal in Plymouth and the South West. Whether you are a commercial business worried about having an unsightly eyesore on the side of your building or walkways, or a heritage site owner concerned with the damage that removal could inflict on sensitive or historic buildings and stonework, you can feel confident in trusting Guardian with your graffiti removal services.

The surfaces and materials matter

Clearly, chalk is a much easier medium to remove than Spray Can paint, and, likewise, the method of graffiti application (spray can, permanent marker, crayon, or paint) makes a big difference in how you go about removing it. Similarly, permanent marker on a smooth surface generally requires much less abrasive methods for removal than permanent marker on a rough, porous, or stone surface. The combination of the materials used for the graffiti and the surfaces that it was applied on create a unique graffiti removal situation in every case. If you have unattractive graffiti marring a brick, concrete, sandstone, natural stone, paint, wood, metal, glass, plastic, polyurethane, or vinyl surface (just to name a few), Guardian can assess the situation and advise on the most effective graffiti removal services and methods.

Graffiti removal is a sensitive process

As anyone who has tried to remove the unsightly marks of graffiti knows, getting paint of any sort off of a building or walkway is incredibly hard. However, what most people don’t know is that the process of removing graffiti without any prior knowledge or analysis can actually leave the surface in much worse shape than it was before the graffiti removal attempts. And, while it is possible to safely remove graffiti and restore your building or walkway, it is imperative that you use professional services and equipment rather than attempting removal yourself, which can result in costly and often irreversible damages to your property. Fortunately, the staff at Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance are the cleaning and restoration experts—and that extends to graffiti removal. Before beginning any project, we carefully inspect the situation and the materials involved in both the surface and the graffiti itself, and then proceed with our top-of-the-line equipment and techniques that will allow us to safely address your unique graffiti removal service.

Don’t hide it, remove it!

Because the presence of graffiti can be so detrimental to your business or building, many people quickly cover it up with paint in order to hide it. However, this is not as effective as removing the marks altogether for a number of reasons. Firstly, as appealing as it may sound to just roll a few coats of paint over the offending marks, this is not a permanent solution. The paint will chip over time, revealing the graffiti underneath it, and a coat of paint will seal the underlying graffiti into the building and make future removal even more difficult. Secondly, paint isn’t always an option with heritage properties, stone structures, walkways, or commercial or private buildings which have been graffitied in areas that cannot be painted. In any case, trusting Guardian with professional and effective graffiti removal will ease your worries and restore your property to its former self. No matter the size or scope of your graffiti removal service, Guardian can help you, so call today to receive a quote and get your property restored and shining once again!

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