Keeping your commercial or heritage property clean and well-maintained involves much more than just sweeping the walkways and washing the windows. The simple fact that your building is exposed to the elements means that it will slowly accumulate a buildup of organic matter and fungal growth, resulting in a dingy and ill-maintained appearance. Render restoration and cleaning is a vital element of building maintenance in order to remove the stains that inevitably accumulate from weathering and the buildup of organic matter. Not only does render cleaning keep your building looking fresh and new, it also helps to maintain the condition of the existing materials and allows your render to effectively shield your building for as long as possible. The specialized materials used in most renders make cleaning it a big job that requires a certain amount of expertise, but luckily Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance are the leading experts for render cleaning in Plymouth and the South West and are fully equipped to handle even the most desperate render cleaning job.

Advantages of render cleaning

There are a myriad of reasons why render cleaning has advantages for your building, especially when performed by an expert service with the experience that Guardian can provide. Some of the advantages include:

  • Financial: The most cost-effective way to keep your building looking nice is to use what you already have. Rather than re-painting your render, which involves scaffolding and other obstructive measures, Guardian’s render cleaning services restore your existing coating using methods applied from the ground, reducing costly obstacles and the risk of damages.
  • Protective: Render cleaning protects your existing render from the damages that can be caused by the growth of organic matter such as fungus and algae. These degrade the surface over time, and if not properly removed can necessitate costly re-rendering projects.
  • Aesthetic: Although monetary and maintenance issues are certainly concerns, at the end of the day we know that our customers in Plymouth and the South West just really want their properties to look sparkling clean, and that is what Guardian prides itself on accomplishing. Our render cleans are carried out with the upmost expertise and care to ensure that your building is left looking brand new.

Techniques for render cleaning

So what can you expect from Guardian’s render cleaning services? In short, you can always count on a certified and experienced crew operating top-of-the-line technology in order to deliver the finest results possible. Because each render job has unique challenges and requirements, our teams approach each job individually and employ the following techniques as relevant to each unique case:

  • Biocidal wash: It is recommended that biocidal washes are applied yearly to eliminate organic growth such as algae and fungi, as well as the accompanying permanent stains and damages. Biocidal and fungicidal washes are standard practice within Guardian’s render cleaning services.
  • Jet washing: Most renders are easily cleaned with our powerful jets that easily remove stains. However, certain materials will be damaged by this method, and Guardian carefully evaluates each project for suitability before beginning a jet wash regimen.
  • Detergents: To get a thorough cleaning, detergents are used in almost every render cleaning instance. Usually applied generally with jets or steam washing, occasionally it is necessary to go in manually to remove tough stains from lingering organic matter.

For all of your render cleaning, maintenance, and restoration needs in Plymouth and the South West, contact Guardian Cleaning and Maintenance and get your commercial or heritage property looking as good as new as soon as possible! As the experts in cleaning and maintenance, we offer the technology, tools, and experience to deliver work that we are proud of and that leaves our customers satisfied. Contact us for a quote today!

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